by Michael S. Tyrrell

July 2, 2019

Tuesday Blessings Wholetonians,

How is your summer going? Kids out of school, vacations, sunshine… my favorite time of year! Traditionally, we usually take our summer vacation in the Caribbean–diving, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun. But my wife, Lillian, had a different idea this year. Instead of doing a boat trip with our friends, Barry and Marti, Lillian said, “let’s do a road trip to Nashville and visit them at home!”

That sounded great to me, plus a road trip means…our dog Zivah gets to go too!!! About a week or so before we left, I felt a strong impression to visit several of our natural health genius friends along the way…best decision ever!

You see, we have literally lost the art of communication in our present culture. People don’t talk… they text. And after you pour your heart out in a text because they wouldn’t pick up the phone, you get this reply… “K!” Thats all they could muster was…”K?”

What we have here is a failure to communicate! Seriously, I know people are busy, I am busy. But are we too busy for each other? I put my milage where my mouth is…loaded up my wife and puppy, and hit the road.

Our first stop was quite a “double header.” Two world changers: Dr. Eric Zielinski, and Reggie Black, And what a stellar day!!! We ate together, talked about God, our families, passions, prayed together, even arm wrestled (Reggie beat me)! I still have a rug burn on my elbow 🙂

While we were in Atlanta, we went to dinner with Coty and Katie Sloan (played violin on 3 of our Wholetones projects), and my dear friend, Ryder, and his wife Angela. Ryder and I travelled together in the eighties when we both worked with Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart. Ryder has called me at least once a month since 1986. What a faithful friend. He understands communication! Next stop… Nashville and our friends, Barry and Marti.

So after an amazing weekend with our friends, we had an absolutely amazing day in Franklin, TN, at a phenomenal health food restaurant, coffeehouse, and nutritional supplement shop, “Herban Market.” There we met our friends, Jordan Rubin, Dr. Axe, , and Ty and Charlene Bollinger from We shared life stories, food, and faith…face to face.

After saying goodbye to our dear friends, Barry and Marti in Nashville, we drove back to Atlanta to spend a couple of hours with my friend, Dr. David Jockers, and his wife, Angel. Lillian and I loved every minute of our time with the Jockers. Their love and hospitality was most refreshing, the chicken salad was amazing, and meeting their son, Joshua (the other children, David and Joyful, were napping) was…priceless!

During our beautiful road trip, one of my friends said, “so, what are you doing for your vacation?” My answer? “You ARE my vacation!” You see…at the end of the day, what truly matters is, relationships!

My wife and I cherish our family and friends, and those of you that have been receiving my weekly emails for awhile, know how I feel about you, my Wholetonians. Our company is based on relationships, not text messages, or social media posts, but friendship, love, and respect. It is “core values” like these that have made all the difference with our network of health expert partners, and Wholetonians worldwide! And I am committed to make your experience with me, personal… from my, “Wholetones Live” events, to our amazing customer support… we want you to feel like family, not a confirmation number!

So, I will be announcing the details of my next “live” event soon…and I promise, if you attend, you will be moved and you will understand how I could tell my friend, “you ARE my vacation!” I mean what I say! Until next time…

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

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