by Michael S. Tyrrell

September 24, 2019

Happy Tuesday my beloved Wholetonian,

It really is a happy Tuesday and I’m happy today for TWO reasons! I wanted to share them with you:

Reason #1 that I am happy: After over 4(!) years of trying, Wholetones FINALLY got listed on Wikipedia! This may not sound like a big deal to everyone, but for a company that mostly does business online, it’s critical for search engines and for “validation” of our business. It also helps us in our ongoing fight against shadow-banning. In fact, because of the collaborative nature of Wikipedia (vs. the tyrannical censorship we see on Facebook, Twitter and Google) it’s actually one of the last remaining places we can go on the internet and still reach people without unchecked bias. As Joseph Reagle, an associate professor at Northeastern University and author of “Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia” says:  “Wikipedia now is one of the lone survivors of that original Web 1.0 type of world.”

So yes, we are grateful for this Wikipedia listing. Feel free to check it out here:

And if you are a registered Wikipedia editor, feel free to add any relevant info to our listing–including the correct spelling of my name! They have it spelled as Michael S.Tyrell with only one “r” in the last name, and it should be Michael S.Tyrrell with two “r’s”.  Can some amazing Wholetonian  please help out to get that fixed and send me an email letting me know you accomplished the mission? THANK YOU in advance!)

Reason #2 that I’m happy:  As you read this email, I’m at 30,000 feet on a plane to Minneapolis, where my great friend Sundui and I are going to be performing Wholetones LIVE this Friday night! Woo hoo!

(Check out the video trailer here:

There are still a few tickets left and I want to share them with some very special folks who deserve a break.  So here is the deal…

If you are in the military, a first responder (police, firefighter, EMT, etc) a teacher, a single parent, or a senior citizen, I would like to offer you a last minute 50% off discount code to attend Wholetones LIVE! 

To get your discount, click this link and use one of the following promo codes, depending on which category fits you: 


I hope to see you this Friday night. It’s going to be an amazing night of music, praise, blessings and healing that you will never forget!

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. Once you buy your tickets for the LIVE event, watch your email for how you can get an early-bird entrance and possibly even a back stage pass! Get your tickets here: