May 22, 2018

It’s Tuesday, Dear Wholetonians!

How are you my friends? It seems like everyone I talk to (myself included) is sooo busy this month. Considering the alternative, being busy is actually a good thing! The qualifying question is: “Is what you are busy with worthy of your time?”

None of us have time to waste on fruitless endeavors in a life rife with possibilities, now do we? For many years, I have employed two questions that have helped me take stock of my energy: 1) “Why do I do what I do?” and 2) “Who do I do it for?” This personal diagnostic has kept me from wasting time doing things that don’t produce lasting results.

With that in mind, the reason I write this personal email to you each Tuesday is simple. If you are reading this, it means you have trusted me enough to try Wholetones for yourself. In return, I hope to make your experience personal, enlightening, uplifting, and FUN!

You see, knowing that many are skeptical by nature, I try to offer an alternative to the cold, impersonal nature of online business. I want you to have “insider” information regarding all things Wholetones before anyone else hears about it. I want you to know my heart. I want you to feel connected, not only to me, but also the hundreds of thousands who find  Wholetones as beneficial as you do.

The truth is, all of us need to feel that we belong and I am no exception. Since we have Wholetones in common, I decided to call us “Wholetonians.” Little did I know that in a wonderful way, we would become a virtual family that spans 168 nations! In the last 3 years, I have received thousands of emails and social media posts from many of you that were full of love, encouragement, and amazing testimonials that have both humbled and inspired me greatly.

You’ll see what I mean when you read this snippet from an email I received from one of you last Friday:

“In the meantime, you inspire me and I smile, I love the music, I love the way you think. God did it for you because He Loves You and you were working hard and He put you just where he wanted you to be. The story you share is so amazing and only a Christian would get that’s how He works. So I just love the music and hearing your story. I wished I knew of every detail because it’s so amazing. I love how you went to the Studio and told the Artists that you don’t have nothing. Wow! I know he loves me, but I’m tired of the pain and not having the energy to do what I dream. I have made so many mistakes, so I am thankful for all that I have. I just want to be in the special place. He has plans for me to achieve that which is not possible without Him. Thanks for the love and all the beauty you bring to all. You never gave up and I never will either. In fact, it’s music time. Yet I fail to mention, the story I have is so crazy and amazing that people would think me a liar if they don’t know me so well. Yes, I am blessed and alive but I want to Thrive for Jesus so much above where I am always through Him. So keep talking to me and giving me hope. In the meantime, you just make me happy. ”

This brought me to tears, and this is only a portion of this amazing email! My friends, can you imagine how it feels to wake up every morning to emails like this?

So, why do I do it? Now you know! This is what God created me to do … and I am eternally grateful. Until next week…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

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