Aug. 29,2017

I hope you are enjoying these Tuesday musings, and of course, enjoying your Wholetones as well! This summer has really been fast and furious, and for me, it has just flown by. Hopefully, it has been a wonderful season for you and your loved ones.

On the Wholetones front, if you took advantage of the limited Wholetones 2Sleep pre-sale… I am once again asking for your patience. When you develop a new electronic device, it has to be rigorously tested (yep, in order to make sure you will love what you buy from us, we actually drop them, knock them off of nightstands, overcharge the battery, you name it!)  You have experienced the quality of Wholetones before, and I want you to be BLOWN AWAY by Wholetones 2Sleep.  The good news is, it is really close! Before you know it, your new friend will be waiting in your mailbox … a great night of sleep is coming soon 🙂 Part of what has made Wholetones so popular is trust! I have always been 100% honest with you, so that’s why I insist on each product being right, before it leaves the fulfillment center. Believe me, at Wholetones, integrity goes in before the logo goes on.

That leads me to this week’s musing, “Wholetones, Now Gluten-Free!”

MichaelI have noticed a disturbing trend in advertising in regard to labeling. One example is falsely attaching the term “organic” to foods and supplements in spite of regulation regarding its use on labels. Another example is selling fruits, vegetables, and foodstuffs that naturally do not contain gluten as being “gluten free!” There are individuals who are extremely sensitive to gluten, and those with Celiac disease must avoid it at all cost. So, it has become important to food marketers to emphasize the gluten free nature of their product. However, marketing a coconut that never contained gluten in the first place as “gluten free” plays into the hype and demonstrates a lack of integrity. Truth in advertising is often misappropriated as an oxymoron!

One event that certainly didn’t require any hype was the recent total solar eclipse. Yet, I can’t remember an event in recent history that was touted as meaning everything from “the day Jesus will return” to “a sign of judgment,” and was a trending topic of social media memes, t-shirt sales, $400 dollars a seat for a rooftop view in Nashville, etc. Bottom line, the eclipse was stellar and unforgettable on its own … without all the hype!

Wt musicSo, here’s my point: people who use these tactics are undoubtedly looking for a one-time sale. They are hoping to make a quick buck from unsuspecting customers. The good news, I believe, is that people are far more discerning than these businesses give them credit for! A wise person can spot a phony every time. That’s precisely why Wholetones offers a 365-day guarantee, top-notch customer support, and weekly emails from me to keep you in the loop … because I treat you the way I want to be treated! You are not a confirmation number; you are a Wholetonian, an honored member of the Wholetones family! By now, you are probably laughing at the title of this musing. If you are “gluten sensitive,” rest assured, you may listen to Wholetones 24 hours a day!

What I love the most is this: I don’t have to make claims about Wholetones … my customers around the world do it for me! I hope you are crazy about your Wholetones. I will be letting you know as I develop more. Until next week…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell
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