April 10, 2018

Dearest Wholetonians,
Yes, it’s that time again, happy Tuesday!  So, I bet you are wondering, “what is Michael up to now?” In a word, APPS! Due to iTunes inability to create a viable platform for Wholetones, we have created iOS approved apps and Android approved apps for all of your devices.
Yes, I heard you! You asked for a way to easily play Wholetones on your mobile devices, so I alleviated the laborious process of downloading Wholetones to your playlist. Available today, I am very excited to announce Wholetones Apps for your favorite device …Apple iOS, Google Android, and Amazon Kind
That’s right, whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Kindle, or a tablet, just touch your Wholetones app icon and viola’, you’ve got Wholetones right on your device! And there is more than just music, you get my weekly blog posts and my award winning AUDIOBOOK, “The Sound Of Healing-Unveiling The Phenomena Of Wholetones,” absolutely free (a $27.97 value).
Excited? Just go to the APP Store, enter “Wholetones” in the search bar and you will find 2 new apps, “Frequency Healing Music,” and “Wholetones 2 Sleep,” for $49.99 each.
Each app includes:  Music, Audiobook, Weekly Blog posts, Repeat and shuffle modes, Airplay and Chromecast compatibility, Offline listening–download music to your device.

“What is online listening?” By default, our apps stream music to conserve limited space on your phone. If you are concerned about cellular data limits while streaming, you can download the songs to your app instead (use a WiFi connection for quicker download). From then on, you can enjoy your Wholetones anywhere by simply using the app with no internet connection required! Wholetones made simple!

 Of course, there will be an official “launch” for the new apps but as an insider, you always get to hear about it first. Visit the app store today, and check it out. Be the first to have it…now! This is “appsolutely” the simplest way to enjoy Wholetones on all of of your devices…and Wholetones apps support “family sharing,” allowing up to six family members to enjoy the app when family sharing is enabled!
As I mentioned last week, I want you to LOVE your Wholetones purchases, and I will always be tweaking and updating them, as well as creating new projects to make your listening experience optimum. The sole purpose of Wholetones is to create a peaceful, healing, environment, to offset the chaos in our world. That’s why I am trying to make Wholetones as simple to use as possible.
I am honored to have earned your trust, and I am also thankful for your prayers and support. So my friend, this week…that’s whats APP! Get yours today.
Until next week…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell


P.S. If you know someone who would like to be a Wholetones, “insider,” and receive my weekly emails, heres the link: https://wholetones.com/subscribe