February 5, 2019

Hello Wholetonians,

Hope all is well friends. I just returned from an amazing event in Saint Louis, MO, where I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the SHAPE ReClaimed Symposium. I am happy to report that doctors, scientists, formulators, and health and wellness professionals are head over heels over Wholetones! In fact, you will be hearing a lot more in the coming weeks from The Truth about Cancer, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Stephen Ezell, and many more. I have also recently connected with one of America’s finest minds, master formulator Dr. Robert Cass. We have become quick friends!  (I can’t say much yet, but a collaboration seems inevitable.)

A “game changing” new Wholetones release is less than 2 weeks away. (Watch for more info in upcoming emails!) I am also happy to announce some breaking “insider” news…I will be going into the studio in April to record Wholetones Christmas – Volume 2. You asked for it, you got it! In fact, as promised…as insiders, Wholetonians will always be the first to hear about Wholetones updates before anyone else does! And there will be many new developments this year so, make sure you read my emails as soon as they arrive.

Now, let’s explore this weeks musing, “Wake Up Call.”

If you have read my book “Wholetones: The Sound Of Healing,” you may recall Chapter 7: Digital vs Analog. In this chapter, I give a brief history regarding how the music industry has consistently “phased out” superior sounding products such as vinyl albums, cassettes, and now…CD’s, for one simple reason, convenience. The truth is, the music industry does NOT want consumers to OWN their music! Don’t believe me? It’s a fact that most new vehicles sold today do not even have CD players. Computers no longer have CD drives.

The reason? Subscriptions. Music outlets such as Sirius XM radio and Pandora charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee because the music industry wants everyone to “subscribe” to streaming audio, in other words…RENT your music! For a yearly fee, you can access a huge music library, but the minute you end your subscription, or miss a payment…abracadabra, your music disappears! Believe it or not, this year iTunes will no longer even sell digital downloads, they will only offer Apple music subscriptions.

So do you see the pattern?  The music source gets smaller: 12” disk → cassette tape → Compact Disk → mp3 → streamed audio. And it should be of no surprise to learn that the actual music files get smaller and smaller as well, reducing sound quality. Do you want to own your own music, or pay to listen to someone else’s?

Here is your wake up call! CD’s are sonically far superior to streamed audio, they last nearly forever, they can still be ripped and loaded to your digital playlist…but they will only be around for a short time longer.

Now with that being said, Bose wave radio CD players still sell like crazy, and people over 40 will not be in a hurry to pay a subscription fee for “air”! The music industry would love nothing better than to have 100 million plus music lovers dependent upon them for their music “stream” instead of owning their own music.

Dear Wholetonians, I will continue to offer Wholetones music on CD as long as materials are available,  and will also continue to offer my music via music players, music downloads and apps as well. Here is my suggestion, if you love the high quality, perfect reproduction of music on CD’s like I do, make sure that you have all of my music on CD…it is my desire to always over deliver, and give you something you can actually hold in your hand for your hard earned money. Obviously, I can’t promise (due to the constantly changing industry) that I’ll never offer subscriptions, however, I will continue to make superior hard copy products so you can both enjoy audio excellence and OWN your music.

To make this easier, I have a special opportunity for you. I want to make sure every Wholetonian has CD copies of my best-selling, Billboard chart-topping music. So for the next two days, I have a special discount for you…

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Purchase BOTH CD collections, and I’ll knock off an INCREDIBLE 45% off!  That’s a $103 savings off the original $228 value!

These special prices can only be found here and are only good for 2 days. The opportunity goes away at midnight Eastern time, Thursday February 7th.

(The prices are only available for the CD collections and do not apply to my portable music players, digital albums, etc. There is a strict limit of 5 CD sets at this incredible discount.

I hope you will take advantage of this exclusive chance to OWN perfect reproductions of Wholetones music on CD’s. Listen to them often.  Keep a set in your car, keep a set on your music shelf at home and if you take care of them, they will last you for years!

Have a wonderful week! Until next time…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

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