For millennia, music has provided not only beautiful expression of the human spirit and creativity, but also therapeutic value in relieving stress, anxiety, pain and even severe trauma. Experientially, we’ve known about the therapeutic side of music all along. But in recent years the medical community has come to recognize music as powerful, complementary treatment for a wide variety of ills.

All around the world, music therapy has caught on and it’s:

In fact, the evidence documenting music’s therapeutic value in its ability to relieve stress and promote wellness is almost overwhelming!

No doubt you’ve experienced some of the health benefits of music yourself. Perhaps you’ve created a playlist of favorites, or enjoy one or more stations on Pandora or on the radio.

As you know, not all music is uplifting and therapeutic. Music is a powerful medium and can evoke other strong and even negative emotions as well.

That’s why the recent creations of musician Michael S. Tyrrell are so unique. Michael intentionally set out to compose instrumental pieces whose primary purpose is to promote health and wellbeing. He calls his work, Wholetones.

You see, music therapy involves more than merely listening to music or playing an instrument. The therapeutic value of music also has to do with frequency. The idea is that the cells and organs of the human body (as well as all other matter) possess a “resonant frequency.” When our bodies are subjected to stress, pain, trauma, illness, etc., our bodies become out of resonance.

Music with the proper frequency can bring back resonance and health to the body. Wholetonesseeks to achieve just that with its seven unique pieces played in seven different frequencies.

Although Wholetones was only released a few months ago, already hundreds of testimonials have poured in. Here’s what people are saying about Wholetones:

Numerous reports have come in about how people are finally getting the sleep they need. Medical professionals find that Wholetones is helping their patients manage pain, which helps in their recovery.

The question is:How might Wholetones help you?Click here to sample the music and read more about these therapeutic frequencies. Experience for yourself how Wholetones can relieve stress and promote your health!