September 4, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Wholetonians,

By the time you read this email, I will have returned home from Empire Studio in Dallas, Texas. What took place in the studio was so exciting that I probably used the word “awesome” more than ever before! I am so humbled and amazed that God continually gives me transcendent music to share with the world. As I write, I am on a road trip with my wonderful wife, Lillian, who flew in to help me drive home from Dallas. She is amazing. And so the Tone Ranger rides again with his faithful companion, Toneto J.

It all started when Sundui (keyboards, Horsehead violin, and great vibes) and I drove up from Florida with all of our gear. We walked into the studio and, as a musician, I cannot tell you what it felt like to see everything I could have dreamt of under one roof. On top of that, it was incredibly fun having all the guys back together!

Drummer extraordinaire Dustin Horne brought his  “A” game, and even when he wasn’t tracking, he stayed with us just to hang out. Steve Morgan brought his new Ken Smith bass with him! If you really want to heat up the place, just turn up Steve’s bass 🙂

Plus, not only did Brad Nyght return to add his sonic excellence, he also found an amazing studio and a wonderful engineer, Matt Kennedy, to help with the workflow.

The recording sessions were electric; once again, the music just poured out like water. A few times, I had to wipe my tears because of the sound and the love in the studio. It felt so good just to laugh, create, weep, catch up with the guys, pray, and work REALLY hard about 12 hours a day!

I still have a little more work to do but Wholetones Active is about 90% finished!!!! I’ll let you know when it will be released … it is a game changer. It’s all about frequency, amplitude, attitude, and TONE! Remember, Wholetones Active is, as the name implies, ACTIVE! It will help you get the most out of your workday, workout day, or anytime you feel a little sluggish—Wholetones Active will move you!

So, are you ready for a Wholetones music project that is totally energizing, BPM sensitive, frequency infused, and designed to get you moving? Soon, dear Wholetonians, soon. In the meantime, thank you for telling everyone about Wholetones 2 Sleep Gen2. It is almost impossible to keep in stock, but we have more so get the word out!

It is so amazing that I get to create music that helps you rest, reboot, sleep, and soon, be ACTIVE! Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support you send my way. I read your social media posts and your emails—you are the most, most amazing people on earth, Viva la Wholetonians!


Talk to you next week,
Michael S. Tyrrell

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