February 20, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Wholetonians!

I hope this week’s email finds you happy and healthy. February has been a whirlwind for me. I have done some amazing interviews that you will be seeing in April: “The Truth About Cancer” with Ty Bollinger, “You Wealth Revolution” with Darius Barazandeh, and “Why Inflammation?” with Michael Broadwell. I also did an interview with Dr. Pompa, which has gone live on YouTube. As I mentioned in my previous emails, I will have a series of BIG announcements in the weeks to come, so you will want to stay tuned!

And yes, I will be back in the studio in a few months with some surprise guests. Through the lightning pace of this month, I have realized that there are two kinds of stress—the kind that pushes you to create, invent, and do the improbable, and the kind that keeps you up, wears you down, and prevents you from accomplishing anything!

Good stress is the impetus of success, while negative stress is the impetus of failure. Here’s to your success! My secret for turning stress into rest is no secret to you … it’s Wholetones, every day! Which leads me to this week’s musing, “The Soundtrack For Life.”

Two and a half years ago, my beautiful niece, Gabby, came into the world with Wholetones playing in the delivery room. The first music she ever heard was Wholetones. By the time my wife, Lillian, and I arrived to see the baby, there were a couple of nurses in the room. They asked if I was Michael. When I said “yes,” they got excited.

They told me how the music kept drawing them into the room, and how it filled the floor with peace. Then, one of the nurses said something I will never forget, she said, “Michael, I believe that Wholetones should be the soundtrack for the entrance and the exit of every human life.”The nurse’s words stunned me; it was that instant that I realized just how quickly Wholetones could change the atmosphere … anywhere, anytime!

Face it. We can all recall songs that we grew up with, songs that stimulate memories, even today. What if, like Gabby, we came into the world and grew up listening to Wholetones? How could that soundtrack change the life of an impressionable child? I can only imagine.

I would like to let you read a few of the beautiful notes from some of you who have made Wholetones your soundtrack for life:

“I love my Wholetones Michael … and I love this post as my Mom is turning 87 this year and I couldn’t afford to get her the little music player with the lullabies !! Now I might be able to !! … oh and Michael, I love reading my Wholetones emails from you… so inspiring !! Thank you for caring !!” -Louise N.

“I love my new Wholetones 2SLEEP!!! I have NEVER slept this well!!! I am getting into rem sleep and sleeping the whole night through. Actually dreaming and waking up so refreshed…if you have trouble sleeping this is amazing! Thanks Michael Tyrrell…I can’t wait to go to bed at night!!!” — Nancy B.

“I am 64 and was in a lot of pain and I purchased his CDs and put them on when I go to bed and sleep like a baby. Love falling asleep listening to them after I say my prayers.” Billie W.

“I listened to Wholetones without the earphones as I was getting ready for bed (it takes me about 20 minutes) and then turned it off and went to bed. It was the 1st time I haven’t woke up at 3 or 4 am in YEARS — I slept 8 full hours straight — a MIRACLE for me ! I’m SO HAPPY with my purchase !!” Beverly G.

To say that I love all of you is an understatement. This is a just a sample of what I read every day! YOU are helping me change the world, one life at a time. Maybe one day, Lord willing, Wholetones will be everyone’s soundtrack for life!

MichaelheadshotBe Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell
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