by Michael S. Tyrrell

May 5, 2020

Blessed Tuesday Wholetonians,

Greetings from your fellow homebound friend! I sincerely hope this email finds you living above your circumstances, healthy, and in good spirits. Difficult times tend to bring out the best, and the worst, in all of us. Last night, on my weekly Facebook live broadcast, I mentioned two interesting observations regarding masks and gloves.

Before this pandemic, we didn’t realize that we were already losing the ability to communicate and appreciate the human touch. When we met for dinner, everyone was distracted by the world inside the 5” screen of their cellphones, texts replaced phone calls, emails replaced detailed conversations, Amazon replaced shopping, and Alexa played our music and read us our recipes as we cooked dinner.

Then, without warning, a microscopic menace shut down all of our businesses, entertainment, restaurants, and watering holes. We were told to stay at home, and if we had to venture out for groceries or supplies, we were told to wear masks and gloves. Masks not only impede our ability to communicate, they muffle the frequency of our voice. And gloves keep us from sharing the human touch, our bioelectric field that we exchange with a hug or a handshake. We were created to be together; we are all connected. It is completely unnatural for us to be separated from one another. And that brings me to this week’s musing, “The Picture Of love.”

One of the most difficult parts of this current milieu we find ourselves in is the interruption of important events that mean so much to us… weddings, graduations, births, birthdays and special holidays. Our only alternative has been “virtual” celebrations of our most important events. But one person deserves more than an ecard, or an email…our Moms!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it simply must not be overlooked. There is not a person on Earth who works harder, loves stronger, or sacrifices more than a mother. Our moms are the hands, hearts, and spirits of our family, and I want to challenge you to make her day special! To accomplish this, we’ll have to be creative.

Many of us are geographically separated from our moms, and at the moment, travel is very difficult, not to mention us being concerned about flying and possibly contacting something on the plane. My mom has been with my sister in Colorado for weeks due to the stay at home orders, and my dad is home in Florida without her. Regardless of our compromised ability, we can still spend time with them on the phone or “Facetime” our moms, send gifts, cards and letters (the mail is still running!). If you’re like me, your mom is not nearby so plan a trip to visit them the minute this debacle abates!

There is nothing like a mom…they are the picture of love! If your mom is nearby, visit her, and let her know just how much you appreciate her and all that she has done for you.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish all our moms out there, a very happy Mother’s Day! And as always, dear Wholetonians, my love and prayers are with you, and I look forward to celebrating better days…with all of you!

Until next time…

Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

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