February 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Wholetonians,

I truly enjoy writing to you every week and I am elated that your feedback shows you are enjoying the letters as well! This week  I had the honor of speaking to a few Wholetonians on my weekly random phone calls.

It is of the utmost importance that I let you know that these calls are not “business” calls but instead, they are personal communications that often include a few tears and prayers for the family. I wish there was a way for me to call EVERY Wholetonian in all 164 nations where we have a presence. But unfortunately, that is not possible. Gladly, though, it IS possible for us to take a moment to pray for each other around the world. And of course, I covet your prayers and support as well.

As you know from my Tuesday musing, I am in the midst of a transition from my former marketing firm. At the same time, I’m spending an exorbitant amount of time working on some amazing new projects as well as several print and live interviews. 2018 will be a banner year for Wholetones and I am honored that you have joined me on this journey. I won’t rest until I have “retuned” America and hopefully, one day, the world! That, my friends, is a BIG undertaking! Which brings us to today’s musing, “The Big Picture.”

Let’s start small. Have you ever heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” What this saying implies is the impetus behind this week’s note. Sometimes we are so fixated on something that we can’t see anything else. Another saying is, “The devil is in the details.” Sometimes we have to focus on the minutia of one glaring detail, but that can lead to becoming temporarily blinded to the more important things that surround us.

Focused primarily on the details or immediate picture, linear thinkers are only concerned about getting from point A to point B. Contrast this to peripheral thinkers who know they need to go from A to B but are just as interested in investigating “C” through “Z.” Over the last few years, I have seen books, conference titles, and memes with the sentiment, “Dream Big.” Well, if you think small, you will never dream big.

The first step to thinking big, is seeing big. The psalmist David, often made the powerful statement, “come magnify the Lord with me.” The word magnify comes from another word: magnificent! The word “magnify” not only means “to enlarge,”  it also means “to praise!” Remember the term, “larger than life?” What could possibly be larger than life? The answer? The ONE who gave you life … in a word, GOD! God is so big that we would have to back up to grasp even the smallest attribute or fractal edge of the Almighty!

So as complex as our lives appear to be, in comparison to God, our minutia is dwarfed by His magnificence! Dear friends, we will only see the “Big Picture” once we realize that God is the frame … we are defined by Him, and thus, our life’s big picture began with God’s bigger dream. Finding His will for you, ultimately, transforms your life. Are you ready to dream big? Ask God to show you HIS dream for your life—now that’s one BIG picture!

Until next week,


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell
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