by Michael S. Tyrrell

August 13, 2019

Friends, Romans, Wholetonians, lend me your ears,

Hopefully, you have been enjoying my recent Facebook LIVE broadcasts over the last few weeks! I am doing my best to stay in touch with you over the summer. Communication is a big deal to me, and I am working on ways to keep in touch with you besides my weekly emails. I am very close to beginning a  weekly podcast, which will not only keep you in the loop about frequency, and all things regarding Wholetones, I will also be interviewing some of the biggest names in alternative medicine, natural healthcare experts, and many others! And, of course, I will be doing some Wholetones “LIVE,” events, where Sundui and I, (and occasionally the entire band) will be playing venues and meeting you…in person!

Our next upcoming live event will be in Minneapolis, MN on September 27, 2019 at 7:00pm. Tickets are on sale now at, and because this is a fairly small and intimate venue, I expect that tickets will sell out.

So friends, let’s explore this weeks musing; “Sound Advice.” If you have read my book “Wholetones: The Sound Of Healing,” you have undoubtedly realized that there exist both positive and negative frequencies. And since everything has a frequency, our thoughts, intentions, even our words, are frequencies!

The Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue…it is responsible for life and death, blessing, or cursing. Although I and many others before me have utilized positive frequencies to help people, others have used negative frequencies as weapons to hurt people. It’s true. There have been several confirmed uses of “sonic weapons,” with the most recent happening in Cuba.  As shocking as this report may be…let me offer some “sound advice.”

If you are reading this email, you probably already own the Wholetones Healing Frequency Music ProjectWholetones TO GO, or Wholetones 2 Sleep devicesChroma, or Activ. Here is my advice…leave Wholetones playing in your home daily. My wife, Lillian, has our Wholetones TO GO player on 24/7, and we leave Chroma playing for our dog, Zivah, every time we leave the house.

Literally everyone that visits our home comments on the overwhelming peace they experienced… the moment they walked in! From my experience, I have noticed that certain frequencies “mask” other frequencies, and that positive frequencies often cancel out negative ones!

A great example from biblical history is David, playing his kinnor when King Saul was vexed by tormenting or evil spirits. The “good” in David’s heart and hands, was too much for the evil that was tormenting Saul.

The more I listen to Wholetones, the better I feel!  I pray that you are experiencing the same thing!

Psalms 89:15 
“Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound:
they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.”

Wholetonians, you know the joyful sound of Wholetones! Keep listening, and try to surround yourself with only POSITIVE people! I look forward to connecting on Facebook, and seeing some of you in person at a Wholetones live event. Until next week…

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

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