Wholetones Samples - Experience These Amazing Collections

Wholetones Healing Frequency Music Project

Listeners report that Wholetones removes stress, soothes anxiety and may even help to relieve pain. Word of this incredible collection of divinely inspired music has spread around the world like wildfire!

This collection is available in our hugely popular To Go Gen2 Player, as well as the original 7-CD set and our mobile app.

396Hz - Open Door

417Hz - Desert Sojourn

444Hz - The Key of David

528Hz - Transformation

639Hz - The Bridge

741Hz - Great Awakening

852Hz - The Majestic

Wholetones 2Sleep

If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, look no further than Wholetones 2Sleep, featuring 6 musical frequencies from the Billboard chart topping of Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies collection.    End your tossing and turning, stop laying awake counting sheep.  Wholetones 2Sleep is clinically proven and GUARANTEED to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed.

174Hz - Brahms Lullaby

333Hz - Gabriella

396Hz - Suo Gan

444Hz - All the Pretty Horses

528Hz - All Through the Night

963Hz - Angels All Around

Wholetones ACTIV

Wholetones ACTIV is what I call “Sonic Caffeine.” And it will give you unlimited fuel for the gym, for your entire day, for your favorite activities, even for your love life, and be a jump start for your daily life!

Wholetones ACTIV is available in a 2-CD set, or as a mobile app.


Disc 1 - Movement

174Hz - Victor's Crown

396Hz - The Burn

417Hz - Youtopia

120/963Hz - Breathe

Disc 2 - Energy

285Hz - Hertz So Good

333Hz - Roxygen

444Hz - Never Give Up

528Hz - Catching Air

WHOLETONES For Pets: Calming, soothing music for Stressed Out Pets

The music of Wholetones has been helping tens of thousands of pets for almost 4 years, with our CD called “Wholetones™: Healing Music for Dogs”

But now we’ve come up with the next generation in calming, soothing music for your pet.

WHOLETONES For Pets: Calming, soothing music for Stressed Out Pets

This music player comes pre-loaded with nearly one hour of 396hz Wholetones music…the frequency our customers tell us flat out works to calm their pets!

Wholetones Christmas Album Vol. 1

Joy to the world… Wholetones has come! This CD contains 7 of the most beloved Christmas carols the world has ever known. Best of all, they were created with the 7 healing frequencies of Wholetones built into each and every song.