March 19, 2019

Blessed Tuesday Wholetonians,

How are you? Hard to believe we are deep into March already. My newest creation, Wholetones ACTIV, is already causing quite a stir!  Experiencing sustainable energy from music can become, well, addicting! If you, like so many others, prefer to have everything on your phone, the Wholetones ACTIV app is available for both iPhone or Android.  And as promised, ACTIV is still available on CD or digital download. Access them all by clicking here and start feeling more energy TODAY!

And, dear friends, Lord willing, I will be heading back into the studio in April to record the long awaited Wholetones Christmas Volume 2! Yes, Wholetones will be providing the “Noeltones” for your family Christmas this year. 😉  As always, if you are receiving my emails, then you are privy to Wholetones news before anyone else. I am working on some mind blowing new developments. So stay tuned, I will share them with you in the next few months. With that being said, I am beyond thankful for you, your prayers, and your continued support.  I am on a mission to change the world…one life at a time!

Well now… let’s dive into this weeks musing, “On The Air.”

Years ago, I remember seeing a leaf that was being carried by the wind. Today, I feel like that leaf. My life is carried along by the unseen hand of God. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that Wholetones would, just like that leaf, be carried to 174 nations, most of which I have never personally visited. As many of you know, I have literally been on the air three times now on QVC. QVC is an acronym for “Quality Value Channel,” and I am honored that they have welcomed me and Wholetones to their network.

Many of you tuned in last Thursday night to watch me on Shawn Killinger’s show, “No Problem!” I love working with Shawn, and once again Wholetones was a sell out with our first appearance of Wholetones TO GO!  I cannot express what it means to me to know that my Wholetonian family were at home watching and praying for me.  That is priceless. By the time you read this email, I will be repacking my suitcase to return to QVC again!

Yep, this Saturday at 10 am, EDT, I will be with the amazing Kerstin Lindquist, offering the Wholetones 2Sleep Music Relaxation Bundle. If you have been reading my emails for awhile, you know that I always shoot straight with you. Every time I told you that a Wholetones product would sell out…it has sold out! Now I am telling you that if you have been waiting for a sale to order your Wholetones 2Sleep, this Saturday between 10am -12pm on QVC, you will have an opportunity to get yours at an unbelievable price, and QVC will offer their easy pay option. So now, if you miss out, you can’t get mad at me, I told you before anyone else hears about it!

Oh, and you can really help me BIG TIME by leaving a product review on the QVC website for either Wholetones TO GO or Wholetones 2Sleep. I would really, really appreciate it.

To write a review for Wholetones 2 Sleep:

To write a review for Wholetones TO GO:

When the page loads, simply click where it says “Write a review,” simple!





Dear friends, please join me this Saturday morning as Kerstin and I work to help thousands of people experience a great night of sleep with Wholetones 2Sleep, and pray I do well as I am once again… On The Air!







Until next week…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

Late breaking news! Due to the overwhelming success of Wholetones on QVC, they have given us a bonus airing this Friday night on their QVC2 channel! It’s a show called “Weekend Preview with Rick” You can tune in on Friday night from 7pm to 8pm Eastern time by clicking here: