March 5, 2019

Tuesday blessings Wholetonians,

I’m finally home after a whirlwind week with the Wholetones team in San Diego. Bottom line, I work with the most amazing people on the planet! And if you are receiving this email, I hope you know exactly what I mean. These guys (and gals!) work overtime to make sure that your experience with Wholetones is epic.

Now here is something you may not know…Wholetones does not have a “brick and mortar” office building. Nope, every member of our incredible team works from their home. Last week, we gathered in San Diego for a staff retreat where some of the team members met face to face for the very first time! It was epic! Only God could assemble a team with chemistry like this. We had the time of our lives…and still managed to get some quality work done.

And what is that work? To make your experience with us even better! From our amazing customer support, online ordering, social media, and mobile experience, we are always working to make you feel like a member of the family instead of merely a confirmation number. I created Wholetones to add some peace to your life, and we want the entire experience with us to be optimum and peaceful.

So with that, let’s move on to this weeks musing, “Marching Orders.”

For some reason, March is always an amazingly busy month for me, and this year is no different! Besides webinars, podcasts, and syndicated interviews, I am sketching out plans for the long awaited new Christmas project, “Wholetones Christmas: Volume 2.” And if that wasn’t enough, I will be returning to QVC not once, but twice in March! I will be letting you know the time and date of each telecast, and I would greatly appreciate you helping me get the word out. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to share Wholetones with the QVC audience, and you can help me by sharing a positive review on QVC after each telecast. And who knows, perhaps you will be allowed to share a live testimonial during the show!

So, as you can plainly see, I have my “March”ing orders. But how about you? What does March hold for you? Do you find that your life is also “ramping up” this month as well? One thing I have learned over the years is this, God never gives us more than we can handle. I would rather be overwhelmed and create more than I ever dreamed possible, than underwhelmed, and produce little. Plato said “Necessity is the mother of invention.” A need can become the womb of creation necessary for that need’s solution. When we are blessed with a full schedule and we complain, before long, we will find ourselves with an empty one! Believe me, having much to do is far better than having nothing to do….every time!

Another famous quote is, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” which is why I am grateful to have my hands…full. I pray that March is a month of GREAT opportunity for all of you. I covet your prayers as I carry out my marching orders.

Until next week…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. To give me high energy and a clear mind to get me through these long days of work, I listen every single day to the brand new Wholetones ACTIV! You can benefit as well if you CLICK HERE.