by Michael S. Tyrrell

July 30, 2019

Dear Wholetonian,

If you’ve been reading my Tuesday Musing emails for a while, you’ve probably figured out that I am a HUGE dog lover!  

Our princess Zivah rules our home.  (Zivah means brilliant, or bright shining, and she really does bring a light to our lives!)  We love Zivah with all of our hearts, and will do whatever we can to take care of her and keep her happy and healthy.    

I know so many of you are also pet lovers, both dogs and cats…and a few ferrets and chickens! Because you love your pets, you want them to be as stress-free and happy as you can make them, right?  

As a good friend of mine observed, “If your pet is stressed out, you’re stressed out.”

We’ve heard since the day we launched Wholetones that the music and frequencies contained in Wholetones help pets out…a lot.  

We’ve heard about hyperactive dogs curling up next to the speaker playing Wholetones, we’ve heard about hundreds of pooches previously terrified by fireworks or thunderstorms, who were calmed, soothed and relaxed by Wholetones.  And we’ve had story after story of anti-social or even aggressive cats who were purring and curling up on the laps of strangers thanks to Wholetones. 

And now, to help even more pets around the world, we are about to release a brand new Wholetones frequency music solution tailored just for pet owners!  

CLICK THIS LINK to be the first to hear about it…and the first to learn about the special pre-release deal where you can save $20!  This week, I sat down with my friend Marty and made a video to tell you all about it, so please go check it out!  

This special “early bird” offer to save $20 (that’s a massive 34% savings!) absolutely expires at 11:59pm Eastern time on Wednesday, August 13th. Don’t miss out!

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

Please forward this email to EVERYONE you know who has a stressed out cat or an out of control dog. They will thank you for it! (Friends and family, please click this link to learn about a cool way to help your stressed out pets!)