by Michael S. Tyrrell

September 3, 2019

Good Tuesday to you, my dear Wholetonians,

Today’s email will be short and sweet, because I’ve been spending most of the past several days preparing for the incoming Hurricane Dorian. As of this writing, it appears that my home state of Florida is going to be spared a direct hit from Dorian, which is a blessing for millions of people. But we’re still going to have dangerously high winds, tidal surge, massive rain, and many other hazards to deal with. 

Unfortunately, my friends in the Bahamas and Abacos have not been so lucky, and several fatalities have already been reported there. I have so many close friends in these areas, and it’s where our we adopted our beloved dog Zivah. Please pray for those who have lost homes and loved ones in these areas. And please keep praying that this hurricane will continue to “stall out” and not only move northward, but to actually move back out to sea and dissipate into nothingness. I know with the power of HIs children all praying together, such miracles are possible.  

Quickly, here are a few updates you need to know:

#1  Tickets for the Wholetones LIVE event on September 27 are selling FAST!  Current ticket price is $25, but the PRICE IS GOING UP as of September 9! After September 9, ticket price will be $40, so please don’t get left out in the cold.  CLICK HERE NOW for your ticket!

#2  We are still accepting email and text entries for our big “Shadow Ban” giveaway.  Remember, the super-surprise email is going out sometime this week, where the first 20 email responders get a FREE Wholetones product of their choice, and the first 20 text responders also get a FREE Wholetones product, and EVERYONE who responds gets a code for 50% off an entire Wholetones order! That’s a lot of stuff we’re giving away!

To learn how you can get in on the prize giveaway visit here:

(Then later this week, watch your phone and your email for a message titled “Shadow Ban Prizes,” and that’s your queue to win!)

#3 We have just launched a BRAND NEW home page!  We’ve been using the exact same landing page for ever since we launched the product back in 2014. We were waaaay overdue for a makeover! Well, our awesome web team put together a wonderful page for the new home of Wholetones, and it features ALL of our products, not just one. So please check it out at and let me know what you think!

That’s it for now, I’m going back to weather-watching and praying for safety from the hurricane.

Stay safe, stay dry and be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. The great Billy Graham was once asked “Why would a loving God allow such terrible things like hurricanes to happen? They interrupt our way of life, cause massive destruction and even death.”

I love Billy’s response: “God doesn’t promise us an earthly life free of problems—nor does He cause them—but He does promise He’ll never leave us if we put our trust in His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Jesus provides a bridge between us and God. It’s through Jesus that God promises eternal life with Him in heaven—where there will be no suffering of any kind. In heaven, the Bible tells us, “There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4). Not only that—Jesus can guide us through the chaos, comfort us in our troubles and give us new purpose in life. 

God’s plan isn’t for you or your loved ones to suffer. He does love you and wants to be there for you through the confusion, sorrow and grief.”