Welcome to our Healing Code Guests!

As our gift to you, we are offering a free download of “Open Door”, from Wholetones, the Healing Frequency Music Project.  The 22 minutes and 22 seconds of beautiful music on Open door is keyed to the frequency of 396Hz, and  I like to refer to it the opening frequency. Most people feel a sense of peace, well-being, and an openness to receive from God when listening to Open Door/396hz.  This frequency has an amazing side-effect: defense mechanisms are arrested and feelings of fear, guilt, and shame subside.
Open Door is the first song of The Healing Frequency Music Project, which has charted in the TOP 10 on the Billboard Music Charts!

The digital download of Open Door sells for $19.95, but by special arrangement for Dr. Lloyd readers, it’s yours FREE today, simply by entering your name, email address and mobile phone number in the fields below.

Relieve Stress

Listeners report that Wholetones removes stress, soothes anxiety and may even help to relieve pain. Word of this incredible collection of divinely inspired music has spread around the world like wildfire!


Better Sleep

The NEW AND IMPROVED Wholetones 2Sleep Gen 2 music player – with the 6 musical frequencies of Wholetones Life, Love & Lullabies, a rugged new case, amazing sound quality, and improved control features.


Energy For Your Day

Wholetones ACTIV is sustainable energy with NO side effects! Forget dangerous energy drinks with all of their health-destroying side affects. Skip that expensive coffee.All you need is Wholetones ACTIV to get the “Kick in the pants” that will get you through the day!


Calm Your Pet

This music is designed to give relief to your furry companions that are dealing with separation anxiety, being overly stressed or being scared from loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, loud vehicles, anti-social behavior in cats, etc. 


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