(Huge savings inside…)

by Michael S. Tyrrell

April 14, 2020

Tuesday blessings dear Wholetonians,

If you have been playing Wholetones 24/7 during this trying time (like I do!) then you know how it improves the atmosphere in your home. As David’s kinnor (harp) brought King Saul instant relief, Wholetones can quickly bring peace in the midst of chaos! And I am constantly amazed at the mind-boggling testimonials that we receive, every single day!

Check this one out that just came in from Lyn K.:

“Wholetones have brought a sense of peace..  deeper sleep.. wake up refreshed… stress is gone…  better overall outlook.”

Although none of us saw this pandemic coming, I am convinced that Wholetones was created for times like this. Each of the specific frequencies utilized within Wholetones music have their own specific characteristics.

And today (for good reason), I want to focus on 417hz, known to Wholetonians as the underlayment of “Desert Sojourn.” The frequency  417hz has several applications, but one is quite appropriate to mention in this email. After culling thousands of testimonials, surveys, and my personal experience, we have learned that 417hz greatly enhances creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression. Believe it or not, I wrote my entire book “Wholetones The Sound Of Healing” while listening to Desert Sojourn at 417hz! CEO’s, artists, musicians, writers, and teachers have told us their ability to create, write content, focus, and overcome procrastination, were just a few of the breakthroughs they experienced while listening to Desert Sojourn (417hz).

So right now, when you are cooped up at home, with a sudden abundance of time on your hands…a little inspiration that leads to creation and transformation of procrastination…is a game changer!

And, a closer observation of 417, 4/17, or April 17th…is the cryptic clue behind the rest of today’s Tuesday musing, “Happy 417 Day!”

You see…in celebration of the 417 frequency AND the 4/17 date on the calendar, we are having a HUGE 41.7% off sale! That’s right, from now through 4/17 (April 17th), you get an amazing 41.7% off all Wholetones CDs, DVDs, digital downloads, even our famous frequency infused Wholetones sleep mask! 

To get your 41.7% discount, click this link

(Some fine print:  Due to limited inventory, our portable music players are not included in this sale. Also, no promo codes can be combined with these amazing low special prices.)

So take this time to stock up on those Wholetones projects you’ve been missing, such as Chroma, ACTIV, 2Sleep and Wholetones for Pets (how are you pets handling this lock-down, anyway?). The sale also includes CDs and instant digital downloads of the music that started it all, the original stress and anxiety reducing Healing Frequency Music Project. We even have some special bundles we’ve put together to make it easier to choose!

I know we are in crazy, sometimes scary times. But I pray for you that when it’s all over, you will be better than before. Until we talk again, please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay Whole.

Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. While you are taking advantage of huge 41.7% savings to make your life better, remember that Wholetones makes a great gift (Mother’s Day is coming up, hint, hint!) So get your discount now by clicking here.