March 6, 2018

Tuesday Greetings, Wholetonians,

As promised, I am writing you today to share my heart regarding some big changes for Wholetones. For the past three years, Wholetones has been marketed and distributed by Barton Publishing. Because of you, my Wholetonians, Wholetones has grown exponentially; in fact, the “Wholetones Frequency Healing Music Project” has reached 164 nations! The rapid and accelerated growth of Wholetones is an unspeakable blessing, yet at the same time, eventually led to the need to separate from Barton Publishing and develop a team of my own so that Barton’s team could once again focus on their own health reports and products.

Most people are not aware of the extraordinary complications and moving parts behind the scenes in the online business world. Coupled with my passion to change the way the industry operates, i.e., my Wholetonian family being treated like friends (and not merely a confirmation number on an order), the Barton team had little time to work on anything outside of Wholetones. We have been working together on this transition for months, and as of February 28th, we are now operating with our own independent team.

This astronomical feat would have been literally impossible without the tireless dedication, love, and LONG hours of the Barton team—they literally worked hand-in-hand with our team to make this happen!!!! Barton’s tech team, Ryan and Eric, as well as Kevin, Nick, and Joe moved mountains! THANK YOU!!!!

On our end, I have no words to describe my love, gratitude, and awe for the Wholetones team: Marty, Becky, Cherri, Antonio, Linda, Joel, and Alex. Please thank your families for me as well! You have done the impossible, and I am honored to be on this journey with you all!!!! God bless you!

Here is a note from our own Cherri Pike:

“Have you ever moved? If so, you know how confusing it can be for a few days, just getting everything organized. Well, Wholetones just “moved” (Feb. 28). We moved our servers and separated from our long time partner. So if it takes a little longer than usual for us to get answers for you, we apologize!

We have also added more time to our Customer Support phone lines. Phone support is available Mon-Fri: 8am – 9pm EST • Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm EST at 1-888-TONES40 (888-866-3740) (US) or 905-761-4558 (outside US). Email [email protected].

Thanks for your patience!”

When I was young, I recall a time when I went through a growth spurt. It seemed like every month my toes were cramping in my shoes and my mom was taking me to Sears for bigger clothes! Even though growth is a normal part of life, it can at times be a real stretch, and even a little painful! So, now you understand this week’s musing, “Growing Pains.”

There can be little glitches and embarrassing moments (similar to my voice changing as I became a man!), but growth is something to be celebrated, not just tolerated. You, dear friends, are a major component to Wholetones growth, and I love and appreciate you…more than you can imagine!

Here’s the best part: we are growing together. Many of you have been with me since day one, just three years ago (October 24, 2014). Friends, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Amazing, life-changing things have transpired in the last three years. Truly, the best is yet to come. You will soon be hearing about what I have been working on; I can’t tell you about the next project yet but it will be groundbreaking, I promise!

You will also occasionally be hearing about personal products and supplements from some of my colleagues that I have not only tested but also use every day myself in pursuit of glowing health and a better way of life.

As you know, integrity is a “no compromise” core value with me, so I want you to listen closely. I have a huge request—please pray for Wholetones, the Wholetones staff, and me, and please be patient with us! If you have an order issue, late arrival, or any problem whatsoever during this transition month, take a deep breath and know one thing that remains the same is my promise to you: a 365 day satisfaction guarantee, and a caring and competent customer support team.

I don’t anticipate any issues, but if you encounter one, I have your back. We anticipate that our growing pains will be short and sweet, and I am here for you. It is my heartfelt desire to re-tune our troubled planet and help as many people as I can while I am here. I cannot do it without you … your voice is powerful, so tell someone about Wholetones.

Together, we will change the world, one life at a time!

Until next week…


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell


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