Whether music really helps plants flourish has been the subject of debate for years. But South Korean scientists have now proven that playing music—and especially classical pieces—really does help plants thrive.

Classical music and music of a similar type causes the genes in plants to be more active and stimulates the opening of the stigma in leaves. This helps plants improve their intake of water, minerals and other components that accelerate a plant’s growth.

But the type of music is crucial! Some music like hard rock and heavy metal can actually destroy plants. Admittedly, classical music is not everyone’s favorite. So where do you find other music that both you and your plants can enjoy?

Recently, professional musician Michael S. Tyrrell put together seven original instrumental pieces that fall into the category of soothing, healthful music. In fact, his goal in producing these songs was to promote healing, reduce stress and restore harmony in people . . . and apparently it works with plants as well!

Michael calls his musical creations Wholetones. And reports are coming in that Wholetones is having a very positive effect on plants. One couple has had a geranium plant for years and has become accustomed to its annual cycles of blooming. But as they played the soothing music of Wholetones in the room, “the plant exploded into blossoms.”

Another person exclaims that her poinsettia plant “has become radiant with crimson leaves” since exposing it to Wholetones. And yet another ecstatic listener placed the music of Wholetones near her hydroponic plants. She reports that they are growing so fast that she’s recording their development with a camera.

Are the wheels of your mind turning as you wonder how Wholetones might benefit you . . . and your plants? You can go to the Wholetones website now and sample this beautiful, relaxing music. See for yourself how this heavenly music can bring you and your plants vibrant and amazing health!