May 16, 2017

FunbuttonHere are a couple of newsworthy items I think might excite you. You have probably heard me mention that Wholetones is in 84 nations. I just found out that is no longer true … Wholetones is now in 162 nations! That’s not too shabby considering that there are only 196 nations in the world! Not only have I been getting a bunch of beautiful thank-you emails from many of you, but I am actually getting tons of requests from people wanting to receive my Tuesday emails!!!

Now, let’s explore this week’s musing, “Fixing Your Fun Button.”

Have you ever met someone that is incapable of having a good time? You know, zero sense of humor, complete with a face that looks like they have a mouth full of lemons! Well here’s the truth, even the most fun loving amongst us can find ourselves dealing with a malfunctioning fun button. I am going to make this week’s musing short and sweet: life’s too short to live miserable! When my fun button malfunctions, it is usually because I am taking myself too seriously and not enjoying the journey. So, if your fun button is broken, here’s a quick fix!

MichaelheadshotBe Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell
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