by Michael S. Tyrrell

October 22, 2019

Happy Tuesday Wholetonians!

September and October have been the busiest I have endured in some time. Thankfully it has been “good busy,” yet challenging nonetheless. Here are a few highlights from my recent travels: after several interviews and a “Tru Energy” FaceBook live event, we flew to Minneapolis for a Wholetones Live event, returned home for a day, then flew to NYC for a 3 day PR tour, then on to Anaheim for the amazing TTAC (The Truth About Cancer) LIVE event which you will hear more about in this weeks musing, “Experience Or Information.”

Many of you reading this email have a pretty good idea what I am all about. You know I am very passionate about what I do, and even more regarding what I believe. When I was asked to speak at this year’s TTAC live event, I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives…and I only had 45 minutes to do so! Friends, there are times when information is key to learning, yet I find that for me, experience is the greatest teacher.

“A man with an experience of God is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.”

— Leonard Ravenhill 

If you have ever visited Disney World, you can fully understand my point. You didn’t go there for information…you went there for an experience! In the same way, whether you come to a Wholetones Live event or hear me speak live, you won’t see a powerpoint presentation, props, or a teleprompter. You won’t merely “see” something; you will “feel” something, thus you will have an experience which transcends information.

When I finished my talk at TTAC Live last weekend, I was greeted by so many people that said the same thing… “I will probably only remember half of what you shared, but I will never forget what I felt when you spoke.” Why??? Because everyone experienced the most powerful frequency on Earth…LOVE! There is one definitive commodity that all of us long for… selfless and unconditional love. And once you have experienced this love, there is no denying it.

When you first heard Wholetones, you didn’t get information… you had an experience! That’s because the secret to Wholetones is… the love behind it. And love never fails. The reason that David had such a powerful effect when he played his Kinnor (10 stringed lyre) is because of his heart. God loved David’s heart and the love David possessed was the power behind his music (Psalms). It is impossible to create without your creation containing some of your heart and soul.

Truth be told, I love all of you and that is both my purpose and intention. That love not only creates an experience that is palpable, it also has the power to change the world. People are drawn by love and repelled by hate. If you will endeavor to love others as you love yourself, you will never be a stranger, you’ll never be alone, and you will always offer seekers an experience they will never forget. So love one another…please.

Now let me leave you with a little “housekeeping.” Many of you took advantage of our “Wholetones For Pets” pre-sale event. First of all… thank you! As you are aware, I missed my delivery date prediction (big time!) and for that, I apologize. Now here is the rest of the story… a pre-sale event is an offer where you pay for an item (at a substantial discount!) before the item is manufactured, thus guaranteeing that you get the first ones off the assembly line. The delivery date is a best case scenario i.e. we do our best to calculate when a new item will come off the assembly line, get delivered to our warehouse, get entered into inventory, packaged, and shipped. Two things that caused the delay: #1 a new manufacturer and, #2 a guy named Michael (me) who is a perfectionist! So I would rather miss my delivery date than to deliver you something on time that didn’t meet my standards.

So here’s the good news: Wholetones For Pets has started shipping to all of you that took advantage of my pre-sale! I am SOOOO excited about this amazing player, and I am sure that you will agree that it was well worth the wait!!!! I believe that we have created THE answer for stressed, anxious pets, and Wholetones For Pets may very well be the most popular Wholetones device to date.

Thank you all for your continued trust, support, and prayers! Until next time…

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

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