by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 3, 2020

My friend, 

My Tuesday Musing for today is very short, because most of what I want to say is on a video that I’m going to ask you to watch. It’s an important video…possibly life-changing important.

A few days ago, I did a live interview with Doug Hagmann from the Hagmann Report. Doug is an incredibly brilliant investigator, interviewer and man of God.  

In the interview, we covered a ton of information about Coronavirus/ COVID-19, the possible health effects of 5G, how frequencies (good and bad) impact every facet of our life, how stress and worry are potentially more dangerous than a virus…and much more. 

I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of interviews, but this one is different.  It’s not just an interview, it’s a declaration…a declaration of peace! I truly felt the Spirit moving as we were talking. And it wasn’t just me feeling that.  After the interview, Doug told me, “This is perhaps the more important and impactful interview I’ve ever done.” Wow!  

Already, nearly 18 thousand people have watched this interview, with over 1,000 giving it a “Thumbs up.” PLEASE, take the time to watch this video.  And be sure to share this email with friends and loved ones who are worried or curious about Coronavirus. 

Watch the video here:

Until next week, be at peace, be the Light, and be Whole:
Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. Yes, the video is long. But it’s no longer than a movie you’d pay $12 to go see and then forget. This video is soothing for your spirit and a balm for your brain. Please take the time to watch it