July 17, 2018

Howdy Wholetonians!

Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July. My wife and I were watching the fireworks over St. John, US Virgin Islands (USVI) from British waters in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)! Every year we take our vacation in the same spot so we can experience our independence as American citizens swimming in British waters. With that being said, I want to share something from that perspective that really touched me.

Last year, Hurricane Irma devastated both the BVI and the USVI. Many of our favorite places were literally flattened. Businesses were shut down, and schools, churches, peoples’ homes and personal effects (not to mention human lives) were lost. Tourism also came to a grinding halt; even the ever reliable cruise ships stopped visiting these beautiful islands. Yet, in light of all of the hardships, the people united, and their attitudes were so inspiring that it moved me to tears. I was so glad we could support them by keeping our vacation reservation and thus investing in the local economy. We talked with people who had lost everything, yet never complained and thanked us for coming! Everywhere you looked, people were working, tirelessly rebuilding, with smiles on their faces.

We enjoy swimming every day on vacation, spending hours snorkeling and scuba diving with our friends. One of the most important pieces of scuba gear is the “BC” (buoyancy control). The BC is an inflatable vest that everything is attached to: your regulators, dive computer, and, of course, your tanks. When you are underwater, the goal is to achieve neutral buoyancy, thus the BC works in conjunction with weights to keep you horizontal in the water. Too much air in your BC and your head is up with your fins down; too little air and you are inverted. Either of these conditions is problematic when diving. Neutral buoyancy ensures an enjoyable, effortless experience.

In the same way, life is best lived in a neutrally buoyant position. When you are “over-weighted” with the cares of life, stressed, and depressed, the journey is difficult, and when you have too much air, like hype or unrealistic expectations, it is hard to keep a level head. Neutral buoyancy works well underwater, but the fundamentals of the concept work just as well on land!

One of the principles Jesus emphasized throughout scripture was balance. Balance in our human experience depends on three elements working together: body, soul, and spirit. If your body is sound, yet your soul (thought, will, and emotions) and spirit are compromised, the imbalance leaves you weak. In fact, if any of these three aspects are out of balance, life becomes an exercise in futility. When your body, soul, and spirit are balanced, you literally “float” through life, even in the face of adversity. So, if you start to feel agitated, grumpy, stressed, and exhausted … it is a sign that you need what I needed—a break, rest, or in other words, a vacation!

You don’t get extra points for being too tough (or too busy) to take one. Everyone needs to unplug, defrag, and reboot, especially if you are a driven individual. I can run hard for about 11 months straight until I NEED a break. Keep in mind that a break can prevent a breakdown. Although we often feel impervious to vulnerability, we are still profoundly human and need to spend time doing something that is nurturing to the soul, with those we love, in a place outside of interruption, with no phones, television, or Internet.

If you do this, you will rediscover neutral buoyancy, and not only will you benefit, but so will the people you work with the rest of the year! So take a deep breath, turn on your Wholetones, get out your calendar, and plan a trip with the family … you’ll be sooo glad you did.

Also, I have some really good news. When I got home on Monday, I was informed that the shiny new, Wholetones 2 Sleep 2.0 had arrived at the warehouse!!!!! Yes … we finally have them in stock. I already had to place a second order! THANK YOU for telling people about Wholetones. Because of you, people are finding peace and healing through this music. Thanks for being patient; I am doing my best to create modalities of healing that truly work … and also trying to keep them in stock! Talk to you next week!


Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

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