by Michael S. Tyrrell

June 18, 2019

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Dear Wholetonian,

A while after I launched the original Wholetones to the world via CD and digital download, we were in conversations with a very large national assisted living organization who LOVED Wholetones.  They were seeing great results from playing Wholetones for their elderly and rehabilitation patients. I desperately wish I could tell you all the amazing results we hear about every day from people suffering with Alzheimers, dementia, insomnia, depression and stress…but the government won’t let me.  🙁

Anyway, this organization wanted ALL of their residents across the country to experience the wonder of Wholetones. But rather than piping Wholetones throughout every room in every facility (which we encouraged!) they wanted to come up with a way to allow each resident to be able to control and customize their Wholetones listening experience.

They asked us, “Is there a way to put the Wholetones music into a player that is compact, portable, sounds great, and could be set on a nightstand, attached to a wheelchair or hospital bed? If so, we would be interested in buying 10 thousand units!”

Upon hearing about this opportunity, our team set out to create such a device. After about 6 months of development, the result was Wholetones TO GO, which debuted to the world exactly 3 years ago this week! I can’t believe how quickly time flies! Sometimes I feel like we just came out with Wholetones a few months ago, but then I realize that we’ve been positively impacting the world’s frequency since 2014!

When it came out on June 16, 2016, the original Wholetones TO GO player was an instant SMASH hit, and quickly outpaced CD’s in popularity with Wholetonians like you. Please take a moment to read just a couple of comments from others who have experienced this amazing product:

“My Dad became ill and my siblings and I worked with Hospice during his final month of life. I brought over my portable Wholetones TO GO and played it for him during that last month. He was listening to it when he went to Heaven. It brought so much peace and comfort to all of my siblings. When My Dad passed away, I purchased enough for each of my siblings to have . We as a family found such peace and comfort through your music Michael.”
– Betsy S.

I’ve suffered with migraines for 45  years! Was hoping for restful sleep. When my Wholetones TO GO arrived, it was in the middle of a cluster migraine. I turned it on and put my hand on the portable speaker device… and I had instant relief. It was amazing! 
– Michele H.

Wow!  I just love hearing about life changing moments that come about because of Wholetones!

Due to recent advances in portable speaker technology, we retired the original version of TO GO. The next version of this product, called Wholetones TO GO Gen 2, was released late last year. It’s far more durable, sounds even better, and still comes pre-loaded with the original 7 songs of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project that has been loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

To celebrate the “Birthday” of Wholetones TO GO, I wanted to offer you a special deal on the latest, greatest version: Wholetones TO GO Gen2. 

So for 3 days only…

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Just to clarify, the original TO GO is no longer available, but our massively improved Wholetones TO GO Gen 2 is ready and waiting to be delivered to your door!  (Secret tip: If you want more than one Wholetones TO GO to give as a gift, place your order for the first one at 33% off, and you’ll immediately be taken to a private page where you can get up to 5 more at a whopping 50% off!)

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. One more amazing review of Wholetones TO GO, this one from a customer who finds great results using it for PETS!  “I am a professional pet sitter. I go to the homes of the pets when the parents are gone – vacation, work, whatever. I often have to deal with stressed pets over a variety of issues and WHOLETONES is my first “go to” solution. I use it with my own pets and recommend it to my clients. The portable “Wholetones TO GO” is easy to use to soothe pets before I even walk in the door. Plus, I enjoy them also!”  – Judy R.

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