by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 17, 2020

My Friend, 

Are you afraid? Stressed? Anxious? (Perhaps even to the point you might be feeling like you are in a panic?) YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Almost everyone is in the same boat right now. It seems every single day is filled with news of Coronavirus/COVID-19, quarantines, shutdowns and more. 

No doubt about it, these are crazy times, unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. 

Please join me for a special video message called “7 Easy Tips to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Fear in these Crazy times.” In this video, I will share 7 easy, impactful and FREE ways to calm yourself down, restore peace to your home, and bring sanity back to your life. 

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Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

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