Time for a “Love Revolution” (Up to 52.8% off Wholetones)

Every year on May 28th, we celebrate 5/28 day by having our BIGGEST sale of the year…and this year is no exception! Why 528? Because 528hz is the frequency of LOVE! And now more than ever, we need more Love in our lives, so the theme of our 2020 sale is “Love Revolution.”

2020 Vision

And the reason for people’s fear is obvious…when the truth is hidden, fear is the result.

The Picture of Love

Greetings from your fellow homebound friend! I sincerely hope this email finds you living above your circumstances, healthy, and in good spirits. Difficult times tend to bring out the best, and the worst, in all of us. Last night, on my weekly Facebook live broadcast, I mentioned two interesting observations regarding masks and gloves.