Kick-Start Those New Year’s Resolutions!

For some, physically active means running a marathon or climbing a mountain. For others, it might mean jogging a 5k, taking dance lessons, or even a walk around the block. And for others with limited mobility, it might mean being able to move your arms or your hands or your head, giving your all in physical therapy.

The Eve of Something Wonderful

Who could have imagined that the birth of one child would change everything…the past, the present, and the future? Perfection personified, comes to Earth, and 33 years later gives mankind the greatest gift, his life, in exchange for our salvation.

The Big Picture

Life is supposed to be exciting; dreams are best dreamt BIG. All of us have experienced seasons when things appear hopeless, predictable, and really boring.

6 Signs You Have Insomnia, Plus Simple Tips to Solve It

6 Signs You Have Insomnia, Plus Simple Tips to Solve It Insomnia:  Do you have it? What should you do about it? You know that feeling; when you’re lying in bed, unable to sleep. You’re doing the mental math, figuring out how long until your alarm will go off. As the minutes tick by, you’ve […]

Mission Control

If we actually had control, we would never be surprised, have an accident, receive a speeding ticket, have a bad hair day, lose our phones, stub our toes, etc., etc., etc. We don’t even have control over our next breath or heartbeat!

Live to Give, Give to Live

Here are some things you probably aren’t aware of… every year, Wholetones donates roughly $20,000 worth of Wholetones products to hurting people, especially soldiers who are suffering with PTSD and TBI’s after serving combat tours in foreign lands. Because our Veterans hold a deep place in my heart, you will be hearing more about this in upcoming emails, as we will always show our support for our troops!