The Shadow Ban Secret They Aren’t Telling You… And what YOU can do about it!

But today, I have to let you know about a dark subject: Shadow banning. Even if you have never heard of shadow banning, you’ve been impacted by it. Everything you do or see on the internet, whether it’s your searches on Google or your feed on Facebook, is carefully MANIPULATED to make you see things a certain way.

Wholetones LIVE in Minnesota!

Because music remains the most powerful vehicle on Earth to bring people together. And when a musician creates music that becomes the part of the soundtrack of our lives, the people who love that music feel connected to the composer.

Sound Advice

And since everything has a frequency, our thoughts, intentions, even our words, are frequencies!

Summertime Blues

And that is the takeaway of this weeks musing… whether you are dancing on the mountaintop or facedown in the valley…God Is Near!

Important Announcement!

We’ve heard about hyperactive dogs curling up next to the speaker playing Wholetones, we’ve heard about hundreds of pooches previously terrified by fireworks or thunderstorms, who were calmed, soothed and relaxed by Wholetones. And we’ve had story after story of anti-social or even aggressive cats who were purring and curling up on the laps of strangers thanks to Wholetones.