Forgive Them

by Michael S. Tyrrell May 21, 2019 It’s Tuesday muse-day Wholetonians, Dear friends, before I uncover this weeks musing…I have a favor to ask. As you know, I am always trying to make your online experience with Wholetones better and more personable. And that includes usually only sending you 3 emails a week. Tuesday, you get my daily […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

by Michael S. Tyrrell May 14, 2019 Tuesday blessings Wholetonians, My friends, I am believing that by the time you open this email, things will start looking up for you. Many of you (myself included) went through a rough patch in April. In fact, I was quite ill with a bizarre bacterial issue that may have […]

Fuzzy Math

(when 2 + 2 does not add up to 4) by Michael S. Tyrrell May 7, 2019 Hi Wholetonians, What an interesting year so far! In a word…unpredictable. Usually, I am pretty good with far sighted vision. This year, I have been constantly surprised. How about you? “Smooth sailing” or “rocky road?” It’s during times when […]