Family Pictures–Do I Have Yours?

by Michael S. Tyrrell April 30, 2019 Dear Wholetonian, A few weeks ago, I announced a new project called “Family Pictures,” which was designed to gather up photos of my Wholetones Family, so I could create a collage for my home. If you missed it, click here to read the original announcment. Some of the photos submitted […]

Good Vibrations

By Michael S. Tyrrell April 23, 2019 Hey there Wholetonians! Hope this week’s note finds you healthier, happier, and encouraged. It’s funny how with all of the negative news permeating the air, I remain optimistic—and it’s all because of you! You see, whenever it looks like I’m going to have a discouraging day, without fail, […]

Be the One by Michael S. Tyrrell

Hey there Wholetonians! If I had to pick my five all time favorite movies, “The Matrix” would undoubtedly be in the mix. I will never forget the the scene where the character, The Oracle, asks Neo if he thinks he is, “The One.” Then she points to a plaque above the doorway that reads, “Temet Nosce” which […]

Take A Picture (it lasts longer) by Michael S. Tyrrell

April 2, 2019 Happy Tuesday Wholetonians, I have never met anyone who didn’t have a bunch of family pictures on their walls or in their wallet. In fact, most people I meet have literally hundreds of family snapshots on their cellphones! For roughly 4 years, I have written you every Tuesday, and shared my heart […]