Go East Young Man by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 26, 2019 Happy Tuesday Wholetonians! When you think about “medicine,” do you think about prescription pills that you might get from your doctor to treat some sort of illness or symptom? That’s what comes to mind for most people. But medicine has been around for (nearly) as long as people have been in existence. […]

On the Air! by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 19, 2019 Blessed Tuesday Wholetonians, How are you? Hard to believe we are deep into March already. My newest creation, Wholetones ACTIV, is already causing quite a stir!  Experiencing sustainable energy from music can become, well, addicting! If you, like so many others, prefer to have everything on your phone, the Wholetones ACTIV app […]

Wholetones on TV by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 12, 2019 Hey there Wholetonians! The internet is an amazing place, and gives Wholetones the ability to reach a huge audience with our songs of healing. But there is one medium that’s even more effective at reaching a lot of people very quickly, and that’s television. I’m really, really excited to be using television […]

Marching Orders by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 5, 2019 Tuesday blessings Wholetonians, I’m finally home after a whirlwind week with the Wholetones team in San Diego. Bottom line, I work with the most amazing people on the planet! And if you are receiving this email, I hope you know exactly what I mean. These guys (and gals!) work overtime to make […]