Take Care by Michael S. Tyrrell

April 17, 2018 Happy Tuesday beloved Wholetonians, I hope this week’s email finds you healthy, happy and whole! With everything that’s happening in our world today…I am thankful that there is an alternative to stress, insomnia, and fear–a good healthy dose of Wholetones. This week was an indicator of the amazing job YOU are doing […]

What’s App? by Michael S. Tyrrell

April 10, 2018 Dearest Wholetonians, Yes, it’s that time again, happy Tuesday!  So, I bet you are wondering, “what is Michael up to now?” In a word, APPS! Due to iTunes inability to create a viable platform for Wholetones, we have created iOS approved apps and Android approved apps for all of your devices. Yes, […]

Man’s Best Friends by Michael S. Tyrrell

April 3, 2018 It’s Tuesday Wholetonians, First, I want to thank you for making Wholetones 2 Sleep and Wholetones To Go a giant success! I also recently made a new video that really explains why adding light, makes Wholetones Chroma, such a powerful therapy. I will be writing you soon to fill you in on some […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy! by Michael S. Tyrrell

March 27, 2018 Happy Tuesday, Wholetonians, I hope this week’s email finds you excited about your future. There are two ways we can view our lives: looking in the rearview mirror, focused on the past, or gazing through the windshield, fixated on what’s ahead. Friends, the future’s so bright, we’ll need to wear shades! Believe […]