Love the Ones You’re With by Michael S. Tyrrell

December 12, 2017 Christmas Greetings Wholetonians, It is the most wonderful time of the year!!!! I confess … I love Christmas. This year, my wife Lillian totally outdid herself; the house looks absolutely amazing. And, of course … Wholetones Christmas is playing on the stereo. In fact, I listen to it often (not just during […]

The Spirit of Christmas by Michael S. Tyrrell

December 5, 2017 Christmas greetings Wholetonians! Ahh, the bells, the smells, and the music that permeates the season of Christmas. Now, I realize that not all of my Wholetonians celebrate Christmas.  Some of you celebrate Hanukkah, and some of you may not celebrate anything…but hey… this is my Tuesday musing…and I personally am caught up […]

What Were You Thinking? by Michael S. Tyrrell

November 28, 2017 Greetings Wholetonians! This week’s musing came from a personal observation via a funny conversation I had with my amazing wife, Lillian. Maybe you aren’t married to a visionary, but if you are, you will probably relate to my next sentence. Sometimes there is an incredible event happening inside my brain, but I […]