Fixing Your Fun Button by Michael S. Tyrrell

May 16, 2017 Here are a couple of newsworthy items I think might excite you. You have probably heard me mention that Wholetones is in 84 nations. I just found out that is no longer true … Wholetones is now in 162 nations! That’s not too shabby considering that there are only 196 nations in […]

No Straight Line by Michael S. Tyrrell

June 6, 2017 Thanks to your word of mouth advertising and one radical sale, many new Wholetonians have joined the fold! I truly hope you enjoyed our one (and only!) M.O.A.S. sale—it was a May event to be remembered. As you can imagine, I have been working on a couple of brand new, top secret […]

As A Man Thinketh by Michael S. Tyrrell

June 13, 2017 Summer Salutations, Wholetonians! Believe it or not, the heat is on! Yep, it is officially time to trade in those winter coats and long underwear for a tank top and a speedo … (ok, only if you are from Europe 🙂 Summer is here, and all the international travelers are heading to […]

Good Guys Finish by Michael S. Tyrrell

July 31, 2017 Well, I have some good news and some not so good news. First, the not so good news … it has been a monsoon in Florida, and mosquitos are everywhere. The good news is that most Florida residents now own waterfront property, lol! Weather, it seems, is an equal opportunity equalizer; the […]

Wholetones, Now Gluten Free! by Michael S. Tyrrell

Aug. 29,2017 I hope you are enjoying these Tuesday musings, and of course, enjoying your Wholetones as well! This summer has really been fast and furious, and for me, it has just flown by. Hopefully, it has been a wonderful season for you and your loved ones. On the Wholetones front, if you took advantage […]

Come Together (Right Now) by Michael S. Tyrrell

(Sept. 5, 2017) I write you today with a heavy heart. As I am sure you are aware, the great state of Texas has been devastated by hurricane Harvey. Texas is very near and dear to my heart.  In fact, every Wholetones project was recorded in studios located in Dallas, TX. I have so many […]

Out of My Mind by Michael S. Tyrrell

(Sept. 12, 2017) Once again, I am honored to share my weekly musings with you. I am sure that the title of this week’s musing has peaked your curiosity, so without further adieu, let’s find out why I chose the title, “Out Of My Mind.” There are two kinds of people in life: people of […]

My Hiding Place by Michael S. Tyrrell

(Sept. 19, 2017) This is my first email since we experienced hurricane Irma. There is no way to convey to you the magnitude of this storm. Most of the Caribbean Islands we visit each year were devastated; some families had to tie themselves to palm trees with ropes to survive! My beloved state of Florida […]