The Healing Frequency Music Project

Michael tells the WHOLETONES story…

King David’s Music

Ancient Inspiration of Biblical Proportions

Meet Michael S. Tyrrell

Author | Musician | Friend of God

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7-CD's that Started a Revolution


More about Sleep, Stress and PTSD…

It’s Finally Here!At last, the Wholetones music you’ve been asking for to help you get deep, restful sleep… Life, Love & Lullabies!

This little device can fill a room with the healing power of Wholetones from within the palm of your hand.

7 Amazing New “Musical Tones” Found To Relieve Stress… Promote Healing… Break Negative Cycles… and Restore Sound Sleep… in Minutes

Announcing a Breakthrough in soothing, outpatient therapy that… Pampers You With Healing Sound, Color, And Light…

The Healing Holiday Music that No Home Should Be Without

160+ pages of life changing personal revelation… a virtual key to unlock your hidden potential.